Computer Science graduate from Rutgers University with a passion for Game and Software Development looking to enter the field.


Blue Is Bright (Game Jam Game)

Made for the 1-Bit Game Jam. Made using Unity/C# during a 7 day time period. A 2.5D Turn-Based Roleplaying Game where you cannot see what the enemy is doing. Try Here

Rogue-Lite 2D Platformer - Godot Game

2D Platformer made in Godot/GDScript. Has procedurally generated destructible levels with unique upgrades as you progress through each floor.

Coffee Making/Shoot 'Em Up - Unity Game

2D Top-down Game made using Unity/C#. A game where you have to keep up with completing coffee orders while dodging different bullet patterns.

Bored Bot (Discord Bot)

A Discord bot written in Python using the and pycord libraries. Bot allows users to play board games with other users in chat. Can play games like Battleship, Connect 4, Rock Paper Scissors, and Tic Tac Toe.

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